Long-Term Planning

The Long-Term Planning Committee supports the development of a clear vision of St. Michael’s future. This committee has developed the mission statement and core values of St. Michael’s.



A community in Christ, welcoming all who seek God’s grace and love through faith, worship and fellowship.



St. Michael’s Episcopal Church affirms and nurtures the following core values:


As faithful believers, we acknowledge that only through the redeeming love and grace of Jesus Christ can we receive the forgiveness of our sins and the hope of eternal life.


We offer liturgical worship services that instruct, comfort, renew, inspire and challenge us to experience God’s presence, and to be drawn closer to our Lord through prayer, preaching, communion and music.


Our members experience true joy in companionship with one another. Our lives are blessed and enriched by the many opportunities we have to receive God’s love through Christian fellowship, teaching and example.

Welcoming Environment

We treat all whom God has created with respect, empathy and kindness, extending compassionate understanding to create a diverse community that supports one another on our spiritual journey.

Community in Christ

As faithful stewards of God’s creation, we minister to and serve those in spiritual, emotional or physical need, and use our time, talent and resources for the glory of God.

If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Sherry Bremer at sherry@sherrybremer.com.